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""In a perfect world, families and people would always stay together. But we know that our world is far from perfect. People do separate and divorce and difficult decisions have to be made about the care and custody of children, property division, alimony, etc.""
The State of Michigan has a no-fault divorce statute, which means that a divorce will be granted to a husband and wife if "...there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved..." In a real world sense, a divorce will be granted if either the husband or wife wants one.
Divorce & Family Law in Plymouth MI | Barone Law - divorceThere a certain residency requirements to consider as well if you are seeking a divorce. How property is acquired, professional degrees or occupational licenses of spouses, and one person's ability to provide for the other are only but a few of the many considerations that one must consider when contemplating a divorce. As unfortunate as it is, the real disputes often involve children. Generally, a determination will have to be made on what is in the child's "best interests." When your children are involved, you need to know how custody, support, and visitation rights are to be determined. Remember, your children are innocent in you and your spouse's differences. A long, drawn out divorce with bitter fighting can be devastating to a child (not to mention expensive). We take some of the worries away from the disputes so you can spend your time where it is most needed, with your children.
During difficult times, you need someone you can count on to protect your interests. We provide caring and aggressive legal counsel for all of your family law needs. We are there when you need us!

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