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In any business, particularly the legal field, communication between the client and the professional is key in establishing and maintaining a successful relationship. We take pride in the relationships that we have built with our Personal Injury clients. They know and trust us to protect their interests. For that reason, our clients consistently return to us for guidance and representation for all of their Personal Injury needs.
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Do you have questions about Michigan divorce laws? The State of Michigan has a no-fault divorce statute in Ann Arbor MI , which means that a divorce will be granted to a husband and wife if "...there remains no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved..." In a real world sense, a divorce in Ann Arbor MI will be granted if either the husband or wife wants one.

What is Probate?Oftentimes, people have a desire to avoid probate in Ann Arbor MI without really knowing what the term "probate" means. Simply put, the term probate refers to the court procedure to transfer property from someone that died to that person's heirs.